Technical data
Type Tu-95 'Bear-A'
Function bomber
Engines 4*14795hp Kuznetsov NK-12M
Speed 870km/h
Ceiling 13400m
Range 12550km

Tu-95 ('Bear') by A.N.Tupolev

(12k, 23k)

The Tu-95 is in many respects an unlikely aircraft. It is an heavy bomber with a slender fuselage, swept wings, and four extremely powerful turboprop engines driving counter-rotating propellers - more than enough for the West not to take it serious at first.

This Bear-C (55k) was borrowed (hijacked) at Russian Aircraft Resource periodic exposition by Roy Cochrun

But more than 30 years after its first appearance, it was still in production as a maritime patrol aircraft and cruise missile carrier.

(33k) Tu-95M 'Bear-A' at the Monino AF Museum by Paul Nann;

Original 'Bear-A' was a free-fall bomber and carries only small radar under nose.
'Bear-B' has the 'Top Crown' radar under nose and refueling probe in front of cockpit;
'Bear-C' is a dual recco and bomber version. Differs from 'Bear-B' by having blisters on both sides of the rear fuselage. Capable to carry AS-3 'Kangaroo' under belly.
'Bear-D' with 'Mushroom' chin radar and the enormous 'Big Bulge' under the belly is a general purpose maritime version.
'Bear-E' maritime recco version similar to "Bear-A' but has refueling probe, rear blister fairings and cameras in the weapon bay.
'Bear-F' is an anti-submarine version with smaller under-belly radar than one of 'Bear-D'. It also features extended forward fuselage and MAD projection from the tailfin.
'Bear-G' looks like 'Bear-B/C' but subsonic 'Kangaroo' is replaced by supersonic air-surface AS-4 'Kitchen'.
'Bear-H' is the new-build cruise missile (AS-X-15) carrier. It has radar similar to the 'Top Crown' of the 'Bear-B/C'. 1985
Air force designation(s)
  • Tu-20 ;
  • Development(s)/Modification(s) :
  • Tu-95K "Bear-G"
  • Tu-95MS "Bear-H"

  • (337) Tu-95MS 'Bear-H' at the RAF Fairford, photo by Paul Nann;
  • Tu-95MS6 "Bear-H"
  • Tu-95MS16 "Bear-H"
  • Tu-95M "Bear-A/B"
  • Tu-95K "Bear-G"
  • Tu-114 - civil development;
  • Tu-114D/Tu-116 - VIP airliner;
  • Tu-96 with NK-16 engine.
  • Tu-119 with nuclear reactor power plant.
  • Tu-126 'Moss' - the first Soviet AWACS aircraft with more capacious fuselage;
  • Tu-142 (1973)

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