Technical data
Type 'Turbolet' (flying turbine)
Function Experimental
Year 1957?
Crew 1
Engines 1
Landing Speed 0km/h
Landing Roll 0m
Takeoff Roll 0m

'Turbolet' (Flying Turbine) by V.N.Matveev and A.N.Rafaelants

56k b/w photo from "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.12

Experimental wingless VTOL aircraft, powered by single large turbojet engine. Designed and built at Flight-Research Institute (LII), Turbolet was presented to the public in October 1957, when it was flown by helicopter test-pilot Yu.A.Garnaev.

Test results were used in development of VTOL/STOL jet aircraft.

  • "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.11-12;
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