Technical data
Type UT-2, Ya-2, '20'
Function Primary Trainer Prototypes
Year 1937
Crew 2
Engine M-11E M-11E Renault
Power (hp) 150 150 140
Length (m) 7.11 7.0 7.64
Height (m) ? ? ?
Wingspan (m) 10.2
Wing area (m2) 17.2
Empty weight (kg) 574 574 569
Loaded weight (kg) 804 900 888
Wing load 46.7 52.3 51.6
Power load 5.4 6.0 6.3
Speed (km/h)
at 0m 230 210 240
Landing 80 75 85
Roll (m [sec])
Landing 200
Takeoff 150
Turn time 14sec
Range (km)
Normal 450 1000 834
Flight Endurance 2h 7h 4h
Ceiling (m)
Maximum 6500 6500 6100
Climb (min)
1000m 3.5 3.3 4
3000m 14 13.2 15.3
Fuel+oil (kg) 60 143+

UT-2, Ya-20, '20' prototypes by A.S.Yakovlev

37k b/w Ya-20 with M-11E engine "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.88

Two-seat monoplane trainer, developed from AIR-10. Unlike the predecessor, UT-2 was all-wooden plane, with Ak g-limit 10. Two prototypes were built, one with 150hp M-11E engine, another - 140hp Renault "Bengali" 4. Both had fuel for 2 hours of flight, what was criticized during State Acceptance Trials. Moreover, aircraft seats did not allow to use parachutes. After the seat modifications and increasing of fuel tank capacity Ya-20 could stay airborne for 7 hours, but it gained 112kg of flight weight and performance was slightly degraded.

25k b/w Ya-20 with Renault-Bengali engine, courtesy of Stanislav Cerny

Many sources include Ya-20 into the AIR line as AIR-20. But this is a mistake, because no one in its mind could keep naming his product in honor of politician purged by Stalin.

UT-2 with M-11E was rated as 'very good' and recomended for mass production as a primary trainer. Variant with 'Renault' participated in 1937 competitions and took the 1st place, but turned to be a 'dead end' because the engine was not accepted for series production.

Same year UT-2 with M-11E was installed on floats (identical to those of AIR-6). In this configuration it grabbed three International Records.

Mass production of UT-2 started in November 1937 on two factories. Series UT-2 are discussed on other page.

Drawing by Igor Soultanov, used as a background for this page; ("History of aircraft construction in the USSR")


AIR-10 Ya-10

- floatplane version

'20' Ya-20 UT-2
  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.87...89;
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  • AIR-20, Yakovlev
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