Technical data
Type AIR-17, UT-3, '17' UT-3, Ya-17, '17'
Function Trainer
Year 1937 1941
Crew 3 2
Engines 2*220hp MV-6
Length 10.70m 10.83m
Wingspan 15.0m 15.0m
Wing area 33.42m2 33.42m2
Empty weight 2040kg 2042kg
Loaded weight 2900kg 2627kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 86.8 78.6
Power load (kg/hp) 6.6 6.0
Maximum Speed 273km/h 260km/h
Landing Speed 90km/h 95km/h
Landing Roll 245m
Takeoff Roll 319m
Turn time ? 30sec
Range 1000km 1050km
Ceiling 4000m 6200m
1000m 5.4min 3.8min
3000m 22.6min 11.4min
Guns 3*7.62mm ShKAS 2*7.62mm ShKAS
Bombs 200kg on under wings hardpoints ?

UT-3, AIR-17, Ya-17, '17' by A.S.Yakovlev

32k b/w original three-seater AIR-17, "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.90

Two-engined trainer, designed to accommodate pilots to large civil and military aircraft. Two 220hp MV-6 engines, four were built with equivalent Gipsy-VI engines. Construction was similar to UT-1 and Yak-1: fuselage frame of steel tubes and fabric cover, wooden one piece wing. Landing gear could be retracted backwards into the engine fairings. Originally built to carry crew of three - pilot, rear gunner behind him, gunner-navigator in the nose with twin ShKAS turret.

Aircraft was ready on December 31, 1937. Trials lasted during long time span (until 1941). Performance was good for training purposes, and preparation for production started on two factories. At last moment one trouble was found - domestic propellers did not provide UT-3 the necessary performance... First aircraft was flown with French electrically controlled 'Ratier' propellers. To save the aircraft Yakovlev removed the rear gunner position, and aircraft was recomended for production as two-seater in May 1941.

28k b/w UT-3 in two-seat configuration, "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.2 p.90

Mass production was road-blocked by Nazi invasion. Only 20 aircraft were finished and used for training. Ten more still in production were scraped. Same happened with other twin-engine light trainers, built by Z.I.Itskovich, and A.N.Rafaelants V.K.Gribovskij. Military had little need in low-powered aircraft of that type.



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