UTI-4, N.N.Polikarpov

Trainer version (see UTI) of the I-16 Type 5. Introduced in 1937. At the time each fourth airframe of the I-16 was completed as a trainer. UTI-4 engined by the M-25, later M-25A and M-25V power plant.

All improvements of production versions were reflected on trainers, like new instrumentation, improved flaps, new engines. Some of UTI-4 had fixed landing gear.

Despite the I-16 was withdrawn from service in the 1944, the UTI-4 trainers still were used for pilot's training. Reconnaissance front line missions also were flown by the two-seaters during early stages of the Great Patriotic War.

No armament carried to save weight.

Rear sliding "Blind flight" hood on the rear cockpit for instrument training.

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