Technical data
Type VB-109
Function Bomber
Year 1945
Crew 2
Engines 2*2075hp VK-109
Length 14.6m
Wingspan 17.8m
Wing area 43.5m2
Empty weight 8498kg
Loaded weight 11066kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 254
Power load (kg/hp) 2.7
Speed at 0m (524km/h)
Speed at 8150m (710km/h)
Landing Speed (151km/h)
Landing Roll (570m)
Takeoff Roll (650m)
Range (2100km)
Ceiling (12250m)
5000m (7.2min)
Fuel (900+125kg)
Guns 2*20mm B-20
Bombs internal 2000kg
Bombs external 1000kg

VB-109 by V.M.Myasichev

The second DB-108 was rebuilt into high altitude bomber. Pressurized cabin allowed crew of two to work without gas masks at altitudes up to 12,000m. Internal bomb bay could accommodate 2000kg bomb. Aircraft passed taxi trials and was ready for takeoff at the end of 1945.

In January 1946 design bureau was closed due to conversion of the industry to post-war reconstruction, and VB-109 was abandoned.


Last of the Pe-2 family

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  • VB-109, Myasichew
  • VB-109 profile in Polsky

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