General Information
Type Vikhr-1 (Whirlwind-1)
Function Experimental
Year 1956
Crew 1
Type 2*pulse-jet
Power ?
Weights and loads
Empty 95kg
Loaded ?kg
Max. 96km/h

Vikhr-1 (Whirlwind-1) experimental helicopter (KuAI)

62k b/w at KuAI museum, "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.511

Experimental helicopter, built by students at the Kuibushevskij Aviatsionnyj Institut. Single-seat machine was powered by pulse-jets attached to the tips of the main rotor blade. Pod and boom fuselage was very basic, pilot was seated in the 'bare seat' with control stick hanging from above.

Helicopter carried no tail rotor.

  • "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.510...512
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