VM-1, A.Yu.Villish

Unusual flying boat with non-covered tail frame (bamboo) and biplane box with adjustable pitch.

Project started in March 1915 under order of Main Naval Headquarter. By the contract, designer was to receive payment only in case of success. Aircraft with 100hp Gnome Monosaupape engine was ready on November 1, 1915.

Tests were carried out in Revel by pilot/designer G.A.Fride, official test-pilot of the Military Department. Landing after the second flight, VM-1 hit a floating log and sunk. Record of altitude (barogram) was saved, and A.Yu.Villish got full payment.

Aircraft was not restored.

A.Yu.Villish started to work on more powerful VM-2


  • "History of aircraft construction in the USSR", Vol.1 p.252-253

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