February 7, 1906 - 1984 (Roy Cochrun's Page)

Antonov, Oleg Konstantinovich

O.K.Antonov was born on February 7, 1905 near Moscow. Already in 20s he gained fame as a designer of gliders. In early years designed gliders OKA-1, -2, -3, Standart-1, -2, City of Lenin. Upon graduation from Leningrad Polytechnic (1930) - chief of glider KB of Osoavaiachim in Moscow, 1933-38 designer at glider factory in Tushino. Designed more than 30 types of gliders, including UPAR, Us-1, Us-4, BS-3, -4, -5, Rot-Front-1 through -7, IP, RE, M, BA-1. In 1938-40 worked in Yakovlev OKB, 1940-41 at Krasny Letchik aircraft factory on design of light transport aircraft, later supervised its introduction into series at Kaunas aircraft plant. Supervised production of transport glider A-7. In 1943-46 first deputy of Yakovlev OKB and in 1945 - chief of the Novosibirsk branch of OKB. In 1946 chief designer of freshly established OKB transferred in 1952 to Kiev. In 1967-84 designer general. Under his leadership military transport a/c An-8, -12, -22, -26, -32, -72, -124, multipurpose STOL An-2, -14, -28 and passenger An-10, -24, all metal gliders An-11, -13, -15 and hang-gliders Slavutich were designed.

Antonov ASTC
Tupolev Street 1
252062 Kiev Ukraine
Phone: 38-044/443-0209
Fax: 38-044/442-7098

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