Who is Who in Russian Aviation

Baranov Petr Ionovich
06(22).09.1892 - 05.09.1933

Participant of WW-I, during the Civil War was a commander of 4th Donetsk Army, Revvoensovet member with the 1st, 8th, 14th armies (South Group of armies, Eastern and Turkestan Fronts).

August 1923 - deputy of the VVS RKKA Commander.
Since December 1924 - Commander of the VVS RKKA.

'Parallel' occupations:

P.I.Baranov also was a head of Osoaviakhim aviation sector.

Strong supporter of air-sailing sport and 'small-engine' (now general) aviation, he was one of aviation-specialized education in the USSR. Founding of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Kharkov Aviation Institute (KhAI) and Kazan viation Institute (KAI) was his initiative.

Killed in aircraft accident near Podolsk.

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