Dux / Yu.A.Meller / F.E.Moska

Based on former bicycle factory in Moscow, Dux (owned by Yu.A.Meller) was the the largest manufacturer of aircraft in Russia during WWI (1733 built). F.E.Moska was a designer on the factory.

Most aircraft were just copies of French aircraft built with (and without, too) license. For example, Dux-monoplane 1912 was identical to Nieuport-IV, while Dux-3 differed only by transparent panels in fuselage. Presented are some 'semi-original' models, including significant changes.

After October revolution Dux was financed by Bolshevik government following personal order of V.I.Lenin.

August 1918 : N.N.Polikarpov became the Technical Division Supervisor on the factory. His division carried out all design, drawing, copying jobs as well as material tests. Production achieved up to one aircraft/day;

End of 1918 - started production of the R-1/D.H.-4. The first designer's achievement of N.N.Polikarpov.

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