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Family of Farman aircraft includes dozens of types and modifications, used for training and combat by many Russian pilots. Farman brothers Henri and Maurice started their activity in 1907. Most of designs belong to Henri and are designated 'Farman'. Some were built by his brother and differ by designation 'Maurice Farman'.

Farmans became the most numerous foreign aircraft in Russian service, specially before 1915. Russian factories built approximately 1500 Farmans of different types. Most of them completed their 'tour of duty' before 1918. Only one type served as military aircraft during the Civil War (1918- 1920), and few still were used as trainers.

All 'Farman's were pusher single-engine biplanes with frame tail. Wings of thin airfoil were covered with fabric. Landing gear on most aircraft (except Farman-27 and Farman-30) had four wheel installed in pairs on short axles. Early 'Farman's carried front elevator far in front of the wing. 2-seat (normally) cockpit was located in front of the wing in same nacell with the engine.

Construction of early 'Farman's was very simple, cheap and easy to repair. First aircraft of Farman family arrived to Russia in 1910.

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