Vladimir Yakovlevich Klimov

1892- 1962

Designer of aircraft engines.

Created first soviet air-cooling engines. Since 1935 - Designer Major of aircraft engines.

In mid-30s organised mass production of licensed Hispano-Suiza S-12-Yrds (designated M-100, built in many modifications and used on few production and experimental aircraft. This engine became a basic model for series of liquid-cooling engines, powered many aircraft built during the Great Patriotic War (WWII).

After WWII developed series of engines for jet fighters and bombers.

Awarded The Hero of The Socialist Labour (highest non-military medal) twice (1940, 1957).


ALTERNATE NAMES: NPP "Zavod imeni V. Ya. Klimova," Leningradskoye NPO imeni V.Ya.Klimova, Klimov Design Bureau, Klimov Corporation, Izotov Engine Design Bureau, Klimov Machine-Building Plant
ADDRESS: 194100, St. Petersburg, Russia Kantemirovskaya Ulitsa, 1

Tel: (011-7-812) 245-3366, 245-0115, 245-4315; Telex: N/A; Fax: (011-7-812) 245-4329;

Founded by V.Ya.Klimov, the design bureau moved to its present location after World War II. It was also known for a time as the Izotov Design Bureau after S.P.Izotov, chief designer following Klimov. After Izotov's death in 1983 the design bureau returned to its original name.

The bureau is co-located with its own experimental prototype plant, the Klimov Machine-Building Plant, and together they form the Klimov Scientific Production Association. Klimov engines are serially produced at the Krasnyi Oktyabr' Plant.

In early 1992 the Klimov Design Bureau was for the first time referred to as the Klimov Corporation, suggesting it has been reorganized into a joint-stock company. The Klimov Enterprise is vigorously pursuing the export market and joint-ventures with Western aerospace companies.

PRIMARY BUSINESS: Aircraft engines; SIC Code: 3724; HS #: N/A
FORMER MINISTRY SUBORDN. : Ministry of the Aviation Industry
APPROXIMATE EMPLOYMENT: Total: 3,492; Date: 1992.
  • Aleksandr A. Sarkisov, Director General
  • Valentin V.Starovoytnikov, Chief Designer.
  • Pyotr S. Izotov, Director of Marketing
  • Gennady N. Yezhov, Dir. for Econ. Fin.
  • A. P. Listratov, Technical Director;

  • OWNERSHIP: Joint-stock company
    MILITARY PRODUCT LINES: Engines for MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter aircraft and Mi-8, Mi-17, and Mi-24 military helicopters.
    CIVIL PRODUCT LINES: Engines for the Il-114 civil transports; converted helicopter engines; machinery for producing footwear.

    KEY TECH./EQUIPT. EMPLOYED : Metallurgy and machining technology. The design bureau developed the capability to machine difficult-to-work metals such as cobalt-tungsten alloys using its own high-speed cutting tools.
    CONVERSION PROJECTS: Aggressively pursuing business arrangements with foreign aerospace companies to promote exports and develop joint-ventures. Includes contacts with Snecma France for joint development of a powerplant for new jet trainer for Russia; with China for the use of a Klimov derivative engine for use on Chinese transports; and with South Korea, for a ground-based power station.
    HUMAN RESOURCES SUPPORT: Maintained a sanitarium in the Crimea; health-care center on-site.
  • The Klimov has an engine test facility in the Shuvalova District of St. Petersburg.
  • Klimov has an agreement with Snecma to prepare a technical proposal for a military trainer engine.
  • Klimov is discussing an agreement with the Chinese to provide a derivative of Klimov's TV7-117 engine.
  • Klimov has formed a joint venture with South Korea to develop a 1.5-megawatt ground-based electrical power and heating station.
  • Klimov has a two-part agreement with South Africa to define a new business aircraft within the framework of a consortium and to retrofit Klimov's RD-33 engine on Western-built combat aircraft.
  • It was announced in July, 1993, that Pratt & Whitney Canada and the Klimov Corporation had formed a joint-venture to develop and produce a range of small gas turbine engines (turboprop, turboshaft and turbofan) for civil aircraft in the CIS and other markets.

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