Polikarpov Nikolai Nikolaevich

Polikarpov, Nikolai Nikolaevich

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March 1918 : Polikarpov was hired by UVVF and moved to Moscow. He was involved with 8th department, responsible for avia factories and planning of aircraft production.

August 1918 : Technical Division Supervisor on Dux factory. His division carried out all design, drawing, copying jobs as well as material tests.

End of 1918 - Dux started production of the R-1/D.H.-4. The first designer's achievement of N.N.Polikarpov.

1919 - member of the First (airplane) Section of the NTK VVS. Section was responsible for the aircraft TTT and giving recommendations on 'sketch' projects. He was a member of this commetee until his arrest in September 1929.

1920 - N.N.Polikarpov finished his first project : 4-seat passenger biplane;

1922 - Started to work on project of monoplane fighter (his own initiative) to became later the I-16; Major outline was ready same year;

January 1923 - was ordered to take over a new design bureau created on former Dux factory, just renamed into GAZ-1. Started to develope biplane fighter (down-scaled R-1) with the Liberty-12/ M-5 engine, but was fired for not being a Communist Party member in February.

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