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Tupolev, Andrei Nikolaevich

year 1935 photo from Alexej Gretchihine's Russian Aviation Milestones;

June 11, 1918 A.N.Tupolev defended his degree in the MVTU, "Experience of hydroplane development based on the wind tunnel tests";

October 30, 1918 joined N.E.Zhukovsky and started to work on creation of the TsAGI predecessor - Aerodynamic Section of the NTO VSNKh; In November 1918 the project of TsAGI, signed by Zhukovsky and Tupolev, was submitted to the VSNKh.

1919 - member of the First (airplane) Section of the NTK VVS. Section was responsible for the aircraft TTT and giving recommendations on 'sketch' projects.

1920 - head of Aviation Division of the TsAGI;

January 1921 - Initiated development of first aircraft in TsAGI, at the same time started to work on the ANT-1;

August 1922 - A.N.Tupolev created his own OKB.

November 11, 1924 - November 26, 1925: World First twin-engined all-metal cantilever bomber ANT-4 (TB-1) was designed and built. Despite its angular shape and corrugated duralumin skin (normal for the historic period), aircraft became a first classic monoplane bomber. For more than two decades designers all over the world followed this layout.

A.N.Tupolev's son, Alexej, participated in design and trials of the Tu-144 supersonic airliner. In 1972 son succeeded his father's position after death of heavy aviation patriarch.

ANTK Tupolev
Valentin Dmitriyev, a senior designer.
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