Technical data
Function Multipurpose experimental aircraft
Year 1939
Crew 2
Engine 2x960hp M-103
Empty Weight 3,796kg
Maximum Weight 5,023kg
Wing Span 14.0m
Wing Area 29.4m2
Length 10.18m
Speed 567km/h
Climb to 5000m 5,75min
Range 1,050km
Ceiling 10,800m
Armament none

Ya-22, A.S.Yakovlev

Twin-engined fighter and reconnaissance aircraft prototype. The Ya-22 had a high performance, and I-29 fighter and R-12 reconnaissance versions were proposed. It was insisted (typical formula for politicized industry - no exact reference why and who insisted, but everyone can guess about Big Brother - A.S.) that the aircraft would be developed into a light bomber, the BB-22/Yak-2 and later the Yak-4.

Interestingly, that conversion between fighter (designated I-29), bomber and reconnaissance options could be done on any of aircraft modifications in 'air field conditions'. The I-29 featured same folding top of the afterfuselage as Ya-22 and R-12 to allow unrestricted gunner's operation and keep clean aerodynamics when there is no rear threat.

In bomber versions folding fuselage was replaced by extractable upwards turret (Yak-2) or conventional rear gunner's cockpit (Yak-4)

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