Technical data
Nickname Moose
Length 27' 10.6" ( 8.50M)
Wingspan 30' 10" ( 9.40M)
Gross Weight 5512.00lbs (2499.00kg)
Engines ASh-21
Range 800miles (1288.00km
Maximum Speed 286.00mph ( 460.00km/h/ 248.65 Kt)
Ceiling 23295.0ft (7100.00M)

Yak-11 ('Moose') by A.S.Yakovlev

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Trainer, developed from the Yak-3 fighter but fitted with a radial engine.

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Watch a lot of Yak-11's, found in Egyptian desert by a French team from La Ferte Alias in 80's, at Trainers Page by Herve Champain.

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