General Information
Type Yak-125
Function Reconnaissater
Year 1952
Crew 2
Type 2*AM-5
Power at m 2*2000kg
Length ?m
Height ?m
Wingspan 10.94m
Wing area 28.95m2
Weights and loads
Empty ?kg
Loaded (no external tank) 9177kg
Loaded (with external tank) 9630kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 333
Speed (with external fuel tank, Factory Trials)
at 3000m 1120km/h
at 10000m 1075km/h
Speed (no external fuel tank, State Trials)
at 5000m 1110km/h
at 10000m 1052km/h
Landing ?km/h
Turn time ?sec
Landing ?m
Takeoff ?m
Range (Factory Trials)
Maximum 3600km
Flight Endurance 4h25min
Range (State Trials)
Operational 3040km
Ceiling (Factory Trials)
Operational 15000m
Ceiling (State Trials, no external fuel)
Operational 14140m
5000m ?min
Fuel (internal) 3925l
Fuel (external) 675l
1*NR-23 80 rounds

Yak-125 reconnaissater by A.S.Yakovlev

Yak-125 during factory trials. From E.I.Gordon archives, located at Russian Power Site

Tactical reconnaissance version of the Yak-25, designed in parallel with Yak-25K interceptor. Reconnaissater differed by deleted radar and metal nose section, extended to accommodate bulky photo equipment. Two AKAFU were installed, each equipped with three cameras: AFA-33/100M, AFA-33/75M and AFA-33/50M (different focus base lenses). In addition, perspective installation of two cameras (AFA-33/75M and AFA-22/50M) could be switched between port and starboard positions.

All cameras (and window shutters) were controlled from navigator cockpit. This cockpit also had glazed floor and was equipped by bomb sight OBP-1P. Armament included single starboard NR-23 cannon with 80 rounds. Additional fuel tank could be installed under fuselage.

Project design was ready in 1951, and full-size mockup of the nose section was presented to VVS representative in December. Factory trials of the aircraft began on August 26, 1952. Factory pilot V.M.Volkov and test-pilots of the NII VVS S.N.Anokhin and Ya.I.Bernikov performed 79 flights (83h25min) until October 3.

State trials at NII VVS were carried out in a short two months: December 25 1953 to February 26, 1954. Yak-125 was compared to its competitors Il-28R and MiG-15Rbis:



Maximum Speed 1110km/h 880km/h 1050km/h
Range (with external tanks) 3040km 2020km 3150km
Ceiling (no external tanks) 14140m 15700km 12500km

Equipment of the Yak-125 was almost even with the Il-28R. Conclusion of the State Trials was favorable for Yakovlev due to better flight performance of his plane. Nonetheless, extended nose section severely restricted pilot's view, and navigator's view field was just next to marginal.

Aircraft was redesigned using experience gained during development of a bomber version (Yak-125B), and a pre-series designation Yak-25R was assigned to the plane.


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