Yak-12/PZL-101 ( A.S.Yakovlev) walkaround


A 1969 PZL 101A, based upon the Yak-12 design and built in Poland. Military NATO name "Gawron" (Raven).

This is a STOL aircraft with a take off roll of 200ft. and a dirty stall of 33mph. The cruise is 93mph (87mph with the aux. tanks on). The range is 330miles with the wing tanks of 38gallons or 660miles with the aux. tanks installed with an additional 40gallons. The useful load is 1200lbs.

The motor is a AI-14R, 260hp, 9 cylinder radial with air starter and compressor. The flaps and brakes also operate from air.

It has a constant speed prop, fixed extended slats on the leading edge of the wings, bungee cord sprung main landing gear and an air shock on the tail wheel. The tail wheel is free castoring except when the stick is held back past the neutral position and then a pin drops into a hole in the horn and gives you a steerable tail wheel thru the rudder petals, differential braking is also achieved thru the rudder petals while holding the brake lever on the stick.

A tinted sky light roof provides plenty of light into the cabin as well as upward visibility. This plane is set up with the optional tow hook, parachute jump platform on the passenger side , removable doors and a removable top for the insertion of an Agricultural tank for crop dusting thru a bottom hopper.

This plane was last flown overseas in Hungary HA-SBO, by the Ocscany Glider Club as a tug. It was exported in 1997 by George Coy of Vermont who is an importer of the Yak-52 and Zlin aircraft. It was flown by him for 2 years making it to Oshkosh and Sun-N-Fun. It is still flown on a regular basis on week-ends, making the Air Show circuit, Fly-Ins and Breakfast journeys and just for fun.

It flies like a big Cub on steroids or a Beaver or 195.

Bob Anderson

Photos and scans by Bob Anderson, page design by Alexandre Savine
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