Technical data
Type Yak-142
Function Airliner
Year 1995?
Crew 2-4
Engines 3*6430kg Lotarev D-36
Length 38.38m
Wingspan ~35m
Height 9.6m
Empty weight -
Maximum takeoff weight 57000kg
Maximum landing weight 51000kg
3800kg load
Range (normal) 2000km
13000kg load
Cargo 13000kg
Seats 120

Yak-142, A.S.Yakovlev KB

8k Yak-142 at MAKS-97 site by Serge Lazukov

The Yak-142 airliner designed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau is a modern passenger and transport aircraft for short and medium haul routes. The Yak-142 is the latest evolution of the Yak-42 family. Recent improvements to the Yak-42 design include state-of-the-art digital avionics, cockpit displays, enlarged doors and improved passenger cabin. New aircraft are designed in different versions, including the first class and business class variants.

The passenger cabin is designer for maximum passenger comfort, with ample luggage storage compartments and ergonomic, comfortable seats. The incorporated tail ramp/stair permits the Yak-142 operation without additional ground equipment for passenger.

Improved performance has also been achieved by aerodynamic improvements such as flight-deployable wing spoilers and a wider range of flap settings for maximum take-off and go-around climb performance, even in hot and high conditions. Optimum cruising altitude for the Yak-142 has also been increased to 9,600m for better fuel efficiency. The aircraft is equipped with the TA-12 APU, which can be started at altitudes of up to 5,000m.

Three D-36 turbofans are designed for high fuel efficiency, low noise and easy maintainability.

The Yak-42-100 is a version with enlarged by 3.38m fuselage and Western avionics.

The aircraft meets the latest ICAO noise requirements.

The Saratov Aviation Plant has prepared facilities for production of the Yak-142 and it passed flight testing.



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