Technical data
Type Yak-15
Function Fighter
Year 1946
Crew 1
Engines 1*900 RD-10
Length 8.7m
Wingspan 9.2m
Wing area 14.85m2
Empty weight 1918kg
Loaded weight 2634kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 177
Speed at 0m 700km/h
Speed at 5000m 805km/h
Landing Speed 135km/h
Landing Roll 720m
Takeoff Roll 600m
Turn time 26sec
Range 510km
Flight Endurance 0.7h
Ceiling 13350m
Rate at 0m 24.0m/sec
5000m 4.8min
10000m 13.8min
Fuel+Oil 590+10kg
Guns 2*23mm NS-23 60rpg

Yak-15 A.S.Yakovlev ('Feather')

8k Military Parade Magazine

The Yak-15 used the fuselage of the all-metal Yak-3U piston-engined fighter with a jet engine, placed under the pilot cockpit and the wing, with the exhaust under the wing. Changes included new main wing spar with arch-shaped center section made to accommodate the engine, steel plate protecting underfuselage from engine exhaust and steel tailwheel.

Cockpit was identical to the one of piston engined predecessor, what provided pilots with with familiar conditions and allowed an easy introduction to jet engines.

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First flight of the lightest operational jet-fighter ever built was performed by M.I.Ivanov on April 24, 1946. On August 18 Yak-15 participated in airforce parade at Tushino.

32k b/w Yak-15 from 'Notes of an aircraft designer' by A.Yakovlev

Utilization of Yak-3U airframe made production transition time very short. First series aircraft was flying on October 5, 1946. On October 21 fifteen aircraft were assembled and delivered to LII for evaluation.

In May 1947 Yak-15 passed State Acceptance trials, and test-pilot P.Stefanovskij undertook the first aerobatic trial.

Batch of 280 series aircraft was ordered and built. Most of Yak-15 were used as trainers to acclimate pilots and provide experience. For real service conditions Yak-15 was found somewhat unreliable.

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