Technical data
Type Yak-17
Function fighter
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 1*RD-10A
Speed 750km/h
Ceiling 13000m
Range 740km
Armament 2*g23mm

Yak-17, A.S.Yakovlev 'Feather'/'Magnet'

(65k) from Ned Avejic collection

Development of the Yak-15. The Yak-17 had a nosewheel landing gear.

Around 430 built, some as a two-seat trainers;

36k b/w Yak-17 'Magnet' trainer from 'Notes of an aircraft designer' by A.Yakovlev;

Developments/Modifications :
  • Yak-23 'Flora' - successful straightforward development;

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  • Yak-17, Yakovlev 'Feather' / 'Magnet'

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