Technical data
Type Yak-18A
Function trainer
Year 1957
Crew 2
Engine 260hp AI-14R
Length 8.18m
Wing span 10.6m
Wing area 17m2
Empty Weight 1025kg
Maximum Weight 1316kg
Max. Speed 263km/h
Landing Speed 105km/h
Take off climb 3.5m/s
Take off 215m
Landing Roll 250m
Range 710km
Ceiling 5060m
500m 1.6min
1000m 3.4min
5000m 43.2min
Fuel 95kg

Yak-18A (Yak-20) by A.S.Yakovlev ('Max')

87k color photo, courtesy of Roy Cochrun's 9see his periodically changing Page)

The Yak-18U with tricycle landing gear turned to be somewhat overweight for M-11FR engine. When new A.I.Ivchenko AI-14 9-cylinder became available, it was quickly fitted to Yak-18U airframe. Smaller outer diameter allowed to replace helmet-type cowling to simple NACA-type with cooling gills, providing all-new look to the aircraft. New metal V-530-D-35 two-blade controllable pitch propeller was installed.

Other changes included metal skinning extended back to the tail, fin area increased (by a small dorsal fillet). Canopy was slightly enlarged, with new raked whip aerial installed. On some late production batches more powerful AI-14FR was fitted, boosting top speed of Yak-18A to the 300km/h.

Yak-18A was first mentioned by Soviet Press as Yak-20.

1052 were assembled in the USSR (Kharkov and Arsenyevsk) during period from 1957 to 1962, and 1796 more in China.



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