Technical data
Type Yak-18PM
Function trainer/aerobatic
Year 1965
Crew 1
Engine 300hp AI-14RF
Length 8.18m
Wing span 10.6m
Wing area 16.5m2
Speed 320km/h (360km/h with supercharger)
Landing Speed 115km/h
Empty weight 950kg
Take off weight 1100kg
Take off Roll 142m
Landing Roll 133m
Take off climb 10m/s
500m 0.8min
1000m 1.7min
g-force range +9-6;
Ceiling 6700m
Range 400km
Fuel 50km

Yak-18PM by A.S.Yakovlev ('Max')

24k b/w Yak-18PM at 6th World Aerobatic Championship, Hullavington 1970. Photo by J.M.G.Gradidge from "Russian aircraft since 1940" p.453

After learning the shortcomings of the Yak-18P in the role of competition aerobatic plane, A.S.Yakovlev rolled out new sport plane in 1965. Externally it differed from the predecessor by cockpit moved back and smaller wing dihedral (2° vs 7°), but inside the Yak-18PM housed new 300hp engine.

Improved take-off and landing characteristics Yak-18PM allowed to replace center section flap by airbrake with 80° travel. Ailerons and tail controls had improved trim system. Fuselage, wing and tail structure was strengthened, allowing maneuvers load in range -6+9g.

At the 1966 World Championships at Moscow the USSR team swept the competition outright, flying the Yak-18PM's. This became the first, but not the last victory of Soviet team, flying Yakovlev aerobatic planes.



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