General Information
Type Yak-1 M-105PA
Function Fighter Fighter-attacker
no RO installed RS-82 released fully loaded
Year 1941
Crew 1
Type M-105PA
Power at 0m 1020hp
Takeoff Power 1100hp
Length 8.48m
Height ?m
Wingspan 10.0m
Wing area 17.15m2
Weights and loads
Empty (kg) 2425 2455 2455
Loaded (kg) 2930 2960 2995
Wing Load (kg/m2) 170.8 172.6 174.6
Power load (kg/hp) 2.79 2.82 2.85
Speed (km/h)
at 0m 472 460 437
at ()m 563 (4850) 551 (4700) 528 (4500)
Landing 141 142 144
Turn time (sec) 19.0 20.0 20.5
Roll (m)
Takeoff 340 400 400
Landing 500 500 500
Operational (km) 650 645 640
Ceiling (m) 10000 9900 8600
5000m 5.8min 6.0min 7.2min
Fuel 305kg
Gun TypeAmmo
1*20mm ShVAK 120
2*7.62mm ShKAS 2*750
Salvo (kg/sec) 1.73
Rockets none none 6*RS-82

Yak-1 M-105PA rocket-armed variant, A.S.Yakovlev

RS on Yak-1
27k RS-82 under wing of Yak-1 on skis from "Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War" by Yefim Gordon and Dmitri Khazanov, Vol.1
Courtesy of Thomas Heinz

Since October 1941 (43th batch) Yak-1s received a powerful strike weapon - RS-82 unguided rockets. Governmental directive required installation of four RO launchers on each aircraft, but Yak-1 (and other contemporary fighters) normally carried six.

Study of the launch process impact on the wing under-surface proved that no special protection is required, and rocket-armed fighters had no changes in wing design. During combat service no damage and/or deformations were observed. Launchers and rockets proved to be reliable and easy to service weapon, with approximately one launch failure per 100 firings (based on 16thIAP statistics).

Aiming and firing was identical to the barrel weapons - same VV-1 gunsight and button on the control stick. Tracers from ShKAS also assisted in aiming. Only very light 'shock' accompanied RS-82 launch. Operating rockets did not require special training for pilots, opposite to the conventional bomb on same aircraft.

Despite aircraft performance was degraded by extra weight and drag, pilots welcomed the modification. Similar performance of Yak-1 and its major opponent Bf-109 resulted in large number of frontal attacks, and launch of RS-82 had strong psychological effect, forcing enemy to turn out - and became vulnerable for gun blast. Despite direct hits vere scarce, even close explosion of range-set (normally 500 to 800m) RS-82 was deadly. It necessary to admit that lack of guidance and self-guidance was a common weakness of WWII aircraft-launched rocket projectiles crippled their efficiency against compact and maneuvering targets.

Despite pilots positive feedback, only 1148 Yak-1 with RS-82 were built. GKO Directive of May 10 1942 ordered removing of rocket armament from fighters (for Yak-1 it was approximately 65th batch). Performance loss (see table) was a motivation. It could be an acceptable excuse but just 8 days earlier same officialdom ordered installation of bombing equipment. This 'improvement' had even more crippling impact, minimal combat effect and was virtually boycotted by pilots...

series Yak-1 with M-105P
Yak-1 M-105P/PA
  • "Yak fighters of the Great Patriotic War period" by A.T.Stepanets
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