Technical data
Year 1940
Function Light bomber
Crew 2
Engine 2xM-103
Empty Weight 3,796kg
Maximum Weight 5,023kg
Wing Span 14.0m
Wing Area 29.4m2
Length 10.18m
Speed 567km/h
Range 1,050km
Ceiling 10,800m
Guns 2mg7.62mm (one in the nose and one on turret)
Bombs 600kg (bay 400kg, ext. 200kg)

BB-22 / Yak-2, A.S.Yakovlev

Bomber version of the Ya-22, with internal bomb bay just behind cockpit, shared by pilot and gunner. Gunner position was extractable upwards.

Precursor of the Yak-4 light bomber, 1940.

Modifications :
  • BB-22PB - dive bomber version;
  • Yak-4 - next modification of Ya-22 line;

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