Technical data
Type Yak-27R 'Mangrove'
Function Reconnaissance
Crew 2
Engines 2*RD-9AF
Speed 1285km/h

Yak-27, A.S.Yakovlev 'Flashlight'/'Mangrove'

Yak-27R at the Monino AF Museum (23k). Photo by Paul Nann

The Yak-27V 'Flashlight' was an high-altitude fighter with an additional rocket engine; it is said to have reached 23000m, but never became operational. The 'Mangrove' Yak-27R reconnaissance aircraft was more successful, and about 180 were built.

Yak-27R at Khodynka,(35k); Photo by Paul Nann

(27k) Another Yak-27R at the Khodynka AF Museum; Photo by Paul Nann;

  • "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.477-482;

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