Technical data
Type Yak-3
Function fighter
Year 1943
Crew 1
Engines 1*VK-105PF-2
Wing Span 9.20m
Length 8.49m
Height 2.42m
Wing Area 14.83m2
Empty Weight 2105kg
Maximum Weight Maximum 2550kg
Speed 655km/h
Ceiling 10800m
Range 900km
Guns 1*g20mm

Yak-3, A.S.Yakovlev

Yak-3U back in production ! Photo (61k) by Ken Duffey taken at Moscow Aero-Kosmic Show 1995, found at Russian Aviation Page maintained by A.Gretchihine;
This (56k) and other B&W photos are from magazine Le Fana de l'Aviation, July 1995. They published great article Yak-3, un reve de pilote and a lot of photos.

The Yak-3 was a lightweight interceptor development of the Yak-1. It was one of the lightest and nimblest fighters of WWII (certainly of mass-built), with a max weight of only 2550kg. This resulted in a fighter that had some limitations, but excelled in fighter vs. fighter combat at low altitudes.

The M-107 engine originally planned was installed in the Yak-3U, but that was too late for combat in WWII.

4848 built.
45k b/w Yak-3 in flight, from 'Notes of an aircraft designer' by A.Yakovlev

B&W photos from Le Fana de l'Aviation(France) magazine July 1995, "Yak-3 un reve de pilote";
(16k) my 1/72 Yak-3 from Hasegawa kit;
(76k) another two new-built Yak-3's with Allison engine;
Yak-3M page at the New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum ;

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