Technical data
Type Yak-38
Function fighter-bomber
Year 1975
Crew 1
Engines 1*AL-21
Weight Max 12,000kg
Speed 1380km/h
Ceiling 11,000m
Armament (3600kg externally)
Guns 1-3 gun container(s)
Bombs assorted
Rockets assorted

Yak-38, A.S.Yakovlev 'Forger'

Hovering two-seater (95k) from Paul Nann's Page

VTOL fighter-bomber, employed on the small aircraft carriers of the Kiev-class. Formerly identified as the Yak-36M/MP.

The Yak-38 uses a main engine with two aft rotating nozzles and a set of small lift engines.

Retired in 1993 (?).

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Yak-38 (36k) and Yak-38M (44k) at the Monino AF Museum near Moscow; Photos by Paul Nann;

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