Technical data
Type Yak-40
Function Airliner
Year 1966
Crew 2
Engines 3*1500kg AL-25
Height 6.5m
Length 20.36m
Wingspan 25.00m
Wing area 70.0m2
Empty weight 9060kg
Loaded weight 16000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 228.6
Maximum Speed 600km/h
Cruise Speed 550km/h
Landing Speed -
Landing Roll 515m
Takeoff Roll 700m
Range Empty 1600km
Maximum load range 600km
Ceiling 12000m
Climb Rate 9.1 m/sec
Seats 27-34
Cargo 2400kg

Yak-40, A.S.Yakovlev 'Codling'

44k from Paul Nann collection

Compact 3-engined jet airliner, built in passenger, VIP and freighter configurations. First flight took place on October 21, 1996. Service with Aeroflot started in 1968, first export aircraft was sold in 1970.

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Powered with three turbojets, Yak-40 was fast but had enormous for its class fuel consumption. Dubbed by pilots 'Istrebitel Goruchego' (may be translated literally as 'Fuel Fighter' or 'Fuel Extinctor'). In 1980 it was replaced in production by similar but larger Yak-42.

Over 1000 built in 1967- 1983.

  • "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.485-492;
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