Technical data
Type Yak-42
Function Airliner
Year 1977
Crew 2-4
Engines 3*6430kg D-36
Length 36.5m
Wingspan 34.9m
Height 9.8m
Wing area 150.0m2
Empty weight -
Loaded weight 52000kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 346.7
Power load (kg/hp) 0.371
Cruise Speed 820km/h
Maximum Speed 870km/h
Landing Speed 180km/h
Takeoff Roll 500m
Range (Empty) 1850km
Range (Loaded) 1000km
Ceiling -
Climb 12.0 m/sec
Seats 120

Yak-42, A.S.Yakovlev 'Clobber'

Photo (70k) by Jay Selman from the AVION FOTO collection;

3-engined jet airliner, development of the Yak-40. Three production modifications (A,D,M) carry up to 120 passengers. First Yak-42 flew on March 25, 1975. Production started in 1977.

Over 130 built, nearly 1,000,000 flight hours in commercial revenue service.

False (NATO) destination for the Tu-98.



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