Technical data
Type Yak-58
Function Light Utility
Year 1993
Crew 1
Engines 1*360hp M-14PT
1*400hp M-14PT1
1*500hp imported engine
Loaded weight 2125kg
Power load (kg/hp) 5.3
Maximum Speed 300km/h
Cruising Speed 230km/h
Cruising Altitude 4000m
Landing Roll 600m sec
Takeoff Roll 610m sec
Range 1800km
Seats 5
Cargo 600kg

Yak-58, A.Dondukov, Yakovlev KB

36k, lost source!

Light multi-role utility aircraft. Pusher propeller provides excellent sight for a pilot and comfort for passengers. License-built German low-speed 3-blade propeller ensures low noise level. Allied Signal avionics allow to operate Yak-58 in daylight and night, in any weather and seasonal conditions. Cabin layout may be easily converted to ambulance, trainer or cargo transport.

  • Passenger
  • Cargo
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Ambulance
  • Geological survey
  • Aerial photography
  • Ecological studies
  • Pipeline patrol
  • Power line patrol
  • Forest service
  • Fishing areas survey
  • Border Patrol
  • Training
  • Retractable tricycle landing gear with low pressure tires is good for unprepared airstrips. Short takeoff/landing is also helpful in rural areas. Technical service and access to all major systems is very simple.

    Project was first presented to the public in January 1991, when full-scale mock-up was demonstrated at the assembly shop of the experimental plant. Size, capabilities, service and construction cost were optimized after serious market studies. For example, former Communications Ministry of Kazakhstan alone was ready to purchase several dozens of the Yak-58 to replace the An-2 airplane for flying over more than 700 pastoral ranges for sheep-breeding.

    To cut transfer period from development to production the prototypes were built at series factory within a joint purpose-oriented program (Yak-TAGO), one of the first agreements of its kind between the former Soviet Republics.

    In August 1993 the first prototype was exhibited at the Moscow Airshow, and in December 1993 took off the TAGO airfield with test pilot Alexander Vyatkin at the controls.

    Aircraft is built at the Tbilisi Aviation Factory (TAGO, TAP or TASA), within joint venture with Kazakh firm Alacon. The airplane is designed in compliance with the AP-23 and FAR-23 airworthiness standards and fully meets the present-day requirements for flight safety.

    20 aircraft were ordered and at least 10 delivered (?) in 1997. Trainer prototype with dual control is under construction. About 100 orders were received in Summer 1998.

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