General Information
Type Yak-7A (skis) Yak-7A (wheels)
Function Fighter
Year 1942
Crew 1
Type M-105PA
Takeoff Power 1100hp
Power at 0m 1020hp
Power at ****m 1100hp
Length 8.5m
Wingspan 10.0m
Wing area 17.15m2
Weights and loads
Empty (kg) 2523 2450
Loaded (kg) 3008 2935
Wing Load (kg/m2) 175 171
Power load (kg/hp) 2.95 2.88
Speed (km/h)
at 0m 451 495
at 5000m 555 571
Landing 145 142
Turn time 22sec 21sec
Takeoff 460m 410m
Landing 455m 610m
Practical 590km 643km
Ceiling 9250m 9500m
5000m 6.8min 6.4min
Fuel 305kg
Gun Type 20mm ShVAK
Position Through the hub
Ammo 120
Gun Type 2*7.62mm ShKAS
Position Engine
Ammo 2*750
Salvo 1.73 kg/sec
Rockets 6*RS-82

Yak-7A fighter by Yakovlev KB

b/w (42k) Yak-7A from "Russian Civil and Military aircraft 1884~1969" p.121; Book caption calls it Yak-7B, just adding to common confusion...

At the end of 1941 production Yak-7 of the factory N°153 underwent serious design revision following reports from the service units and (part of) TsAGI recommendations.

Color scheme of Yak-7A (Kalininskij Front, Spring 1942)from Modelist-Konstructor, found on the web... See note about Yak-7A drawings

Armament of the Yak-7A was identical to that of Yak-1 and early Yak-7, except some improvements in the gun installation.

First production batches of Yak-7A suffered from same quality problems as Yak-7 M-105PA. Soon production process came to a steady run, and quality problems were solved. New aircraft was some 20km/h faster than the predecessor, despite had same engine and added antenna mast.

Drawing of Yak-7A with identification areas highlighted by me. This is a composite of two drawings (Yak-7A and Yak-7B by Khaustov published at "Aviation and Time"), produced to match description of the aircraft at "Yak fighters of the Great Patriotic War period".

During winter season 1942 Yak-7A was built on retractable main skis. Added 73kg of weight and increased drag harmed aircraft flight performance (as well as a washable white camouflage), but service and operation advantages payed back. Handling of Yak-7A was not degraded by skis, and landing became much easier.

Joined factory and State trials of the series Yak-7 N°14-11 (modified to the Yak-7A standadt)were carried out in February 16 to 22, 1942, at the Factory N°153 test grounds. Aircraft was flown before and after modifications, on wheels and skis. Flight tests, weapon firing and special skis evaluation were fulfilled: 318 flights (288 for the ski evaluation alone), 24h4min in the air.

In January-February 1942 13 Yak-7A were built, in March-May - 264. Despite Yak-7A was still an intermediate design, it proved to be a step forward. 434thIAP under command of I.I.Kleschiov destroyed 90 enemy aircraft in June-August 1942 (Stalingrad Front). Yak-7A could sustain severe combat damage. Pilots managed to bring it back with one aileron lost, with half of rear fuselage and rudder stripped of fabric skin, half of stabilizer and part of tailfin is gone etc.

In June 1942 Yak-7A underwent another major redesign. More TsAGI airdynamic recommendations were implemented, aircraft received new armament - and became Yak-7B.

Images Alert There is a systematic inconsistence in Yak-7A drawings. For example, drawing from "Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War" used here to produce a background is one of the worst. Many of them have following errors:
Predecessors Modifications (Experimental) Modifications (Production)

Yak-7 M-105PA
Yak-7 M-82A Yak-7R
2xDM-4, D-1A

Yak-7B M-105PA
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