General Information
Type Yak-7M
Function Fighter
Year 1941
Crew 1
Type M-105PA
Takeoff Power 1100hp
Power at 0m 1020hp
Power at 2000m 1100hp
Length 8.50m
Wingspan 9.74m
Wing area 17.15m2
Weights and loads
Empty 2638kg
Loaded 3160kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 184
Power load (kg/hp) 3.1
at 0m 469km/h
at 5100m 556km/h
Landing 145km/h
Turn time 22.2sec
Takeoff 440m
Landing 650m
Practical 750km
Ceiling 8750m
5000m 7.5min
Fuel 330kg
Gun Type 3*20mm ShVAK
Position Engine
Ammo 120
Position Wings
Ammo 2*110
Salvo (kg/sec) 3.84
Rockets 6*RS-82

Yak-7M experimental fighter by A.S.Yakovlev

Yak-7M (Modified) with M-105PA engine and VISH-61P propeller was a cannon-armed fighter variant of the Yak-7UTI, the second transformation of trainer aircraft into a combat machine.

Conversion was performed at Saratov factory N°21 by group of Yakovlev OKB engineers, who assisted in the Yak-1 mass production. Series built Yak-7UTI N°05-11 (repaired at the factory after long service and crash-landing) was modified in the manner similar to earlier I-28 and I-30 prototypes:

As a result of all those changes, Yak-7M became heavier than original Yak-7UTI by some 360kg. But its firepower was superior to all Soviet fighters of 1941 and their foes: 3.84kg/s. Three Yak-7M cannons could be fired from any flight regimes, from any maneuvers. They were tested at air temperatures down to -30°C. Shell scattering was acceptable, and Yak-7M could be used effectively against ground targets. Firing of long series was not recommended due to some aiming loss.

Overall performance was similar to other Yak-7 fighters (with some correction for increased weight and poor conditions of converted airframe). Leading edge automatic slats improved handling even more: Yak-7M was no-spin aircraft (it had to be forced into the spin). Stability improved, critical speed was on all regimes lowered by 30...40km/h.

State Trials of the Yak-7M took place in October 1941 at Chkalovsk and in October-December at Sverdlovsk (where NII VVS was evacuated). Pilot V.I.Khomiakov, engineer A.T.Stepanets and mechanic V.F.Sbitnev. 39 flights were performed, total duration 20h35min - including ferry flight from Moscow to Sverdlovsk by pilot A.G.Proshakov.

Yak-7M was recommended for series production as fulfilling all major demands and suitable for pilots of average skill level. But it never entered production. None of improvements except extra fuel in the rear cockpit were used on series aircraft.




  • "Yak fighters of the Great Patriotic War period" by A.T.Stepanets
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