Technical data
Type Yer-2 DB-240
Function bomber
Year 1941
Crew 4
Engines 2*M-105R
Speed 500km/h
Ceiling 7700m
Range 4100km
Guns 1*mg12.7mm
Bombs 1000kg inside
4000kg overload

Yer-2, DB-240 by V.G.Yermolaev

40k, drawing from Krylia Rodiny

This almost unknown bomber took part in some nocturnal attacks on Berlin. It originated as a derivative of the Stal-7 (Stal-7) transport designed by R.L.Bartini. The Yer-2 was a gull-winged aircraft, with the engines and landing gear nacelles fitted at the crank in the wing; it had twin tailfins.

Around 320 were built.

38k b/w drawing of Yer-2 with M-105 engines;
courtesy of Sergey Andreev

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